Pete likes to say that he blames wine for Lama Dog because, during a long grape harvest several years ago, he got hooked on good beer. This newfound appreciation resulted in a quest for hard-to-find drafts.  Fast-forward a few years and one man’s quest turned into a place where everyone can come enjoy good craft beer. If you’re an IPA lover, be sure to ask Pete what his favorite one is, because that’s what he is usually drinking.



Justin M. Crider is a Certified Cicerone® with a passion for beer education and outreach. He constantly strives to introduce those around him to the many aspects of beer and to have them question their perceptions of what beer can be. He has appeared on MSNBC, and has been quoted and mentioned in the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, among other publications. In addition to this passion, Justin is a classically trained cook as well as a member of the Guild of Sommeliers.


Ally's interest for beer began at a party when she had her first sip of cheap, awful beer in a game of peer pong, but there had to be something better out there than watered yeast. The journey to find the right beer was long. One day, a bartender gave her a tasting of something unknown. "Sours?" and her tastebuds exploded. "What is this?" she asked. "Berliner Weisse." Ally then became the biggest advocate for sours and Lama Dog has introduced her to many new flavor explosions. She also loves hanging out with all the cute pups. What could be better?


Jake was born in Denver, Colorado. He loves beer, dogs, skiing, the sports, and other things as well. He is allergic to almonds, horses, cats, penicillin, and alfalfa. Not affiliated with the Jake Blair Band of Oregon (though they are Facebook friends). He’s always happy to discuss arts and/or sports, or share a few tips on making the most of your time in this pristine place called Santa Barbara. And you can always find him in a pair of crocs listening to underground rap or country.




Originally from Sweden, Niko has found herself fond of the Santa Barbara landscape and laid back beach life. She proudly represents and expressed her love of craft beer and people management through her job at Lama Dog. When she isn't working, she's usually hiking and exploring nature or traveling to some place new!  



The dog behind the name. Lama is a Tibetan Mastiff owned by Pete who rescued him a few years back. With an enormous amount of fur, one blue eye, and one brown eye; Lama is sure to win you over. He currently is a regular at Lama Dog and enjoys water but continues to promote the best Bottle Shop around. 



Aaron moved to Santa Barbara from Pleasanton in March of 2016. He fell in love with the Bay Area beer scene 6 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about craft beer. He enjoys getting to know the local brews and traveling to nearby breweries. When he's not watching his favorite sports, you can find him eating his way through downtown. Ask him about any IPA's or Barrel Aged beers. 



Kate has lived and worked in Santa Barbara since graduating from UCSB in 2012. This is her first bartending gig, and she's loving it! When she's not working, Kate loves hiking, trail running, camping, traveling, and drinking beer. Her favorite styles are Sour beers and IPA's.


Alex currently is attending economics classes at the local community college, and has begun investing heavily into the growing real estate market.  He works closely with his good friend Avon Barksdale at a local copy shop to foster a strong sense of community.  He has brokered many alliances and truces to help bring peace to his community as well.  As an advocate for growth, he has been involved as well in lots of other small businesses, ranging from an accounting office to furniture sales to electronic repair. He sadly was gunned down by a disgruntled member of the community during a failed business transaction.


The hands behind the mural, the chalkboards, wooden signs, and all other art you see around Lama Dog. She also created the Art Markets that are held every other month here as well as seeks the artists and plans the event. She runs the marketing behind the Bottle Shop and the design of our brand. She makes sure Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and this website are all up to date in an attractive fashion. When she's not creating she's either practicing yoga or enjoying nature.


Amy is Lama Dog's resident Pacific North Westerner and distant relative of Harry Houdini. When she's not pouring beer she can be found making Linocut Prints, watching horror movies, and judging everyone's spelling and grammar. Ask her how to pronounce german beers; she likes to pretend her german language minor was a good idea.



Small town guy with small town ideals. Grew up near Big Bear snowboarding in the winters and cruising thriver in the summers. My happy place is a bonfire on the beach with good people, good tunes and great beer. Right now I'm digging big stouts and porters. However I drink everything; except sours, sours suck. Yeah I said it!


We will admit to our bias about how great our staff is ;) , but really, we hope you enjoy us as much as we enjoy our job.