Giving the Gift of Craft Beer

Giving the Gift of Craft Beer

Craft beer stores can be overwhelming and intimidating. For most beer buying folks, their comfort zones of IPA or Lagers do just fine for them. But, when purchasing beer as a gift for someone who knows more than most, terror may strike into the hearts of those who enter the beer fridge hoping to find something that will bring joy to their loved ones heart. 

Sour Beer Production

Sour Beer Production

Once a style relegated to the shadows and certain regions in Belgium, sour beer is now in the mainstream. So much so, we have to dedicate several of our taps specifically towards sour beer. We get asked all the time about what makes beer sour, so we thought we’d take a second to give a quick lesson in what makes beer sour and the different methods used to produce it. Please know that this will be a quick, barebones overview.

Spontaneous Fermentation

Curious about how beer is a living thing? This is the perfect Beer Class for that. Tomorrow we will be exploring old world fermentation techniques and taste the beers produced by them. You'll be able to taste around 10 beers. Spots are limited and please sign up in advance under classes on our website! 

Modern Times

Well this is exciting... Modern Times will be featured on our taps this Wednesday April 12th starting at 5pm. Perfect mid week humpday refresher. Check out the poster below to see the selection of taps we will have!

Beer Classes

We are so pleased to be able to hold Beer Classes at Lama Dog thanks to Justin Crider. All of them are for any level of beer lover or beer beginner. You will always walk away with more knowledge and a good memory. Plus, what's not to love about tasting beer? See the image below for our upcoming classes. They all have limited spots so sign up under Classes in advance.

New New New WEBSITE!

Yep it's true. Welcome to our new site. We are excited and hope you are too! We will be blogging here about all the good stuff too! So stay tuned, check in and don't forget to check our calendar for upcoming events. If you want to join our newsletter, click on Contact from our navigation and scroll to the bottom! Hope to see you guys soon!

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