The Best Craft Beer in Goleta CA!


Goleta CA has fallen in love with the craft beer bar that offers local wines, beer brewing classes, alcoholic beverages with a story, and the revolving tap beer at Lama Dog Tap Room and Bottle Shop. We are the shop where you can get wine and food that makes any day or night an occasion. Our highly skilled staff knows all there is to know about craft beer and are ready to share their knowledge with you.

More Than a Craft Beer Bar

At Lama Dog Tap Room and Bottle Shop we are a great craft beer bar, and we are more. We are a group of people dedicated to finding the finest beers in the world and offering them in our bottle shop and on tap in our tap room. At Lama Dog Tap Room and Bottle Shop we:

  • keep central coast wines on hand (and on tap) and

  • change our beer selection daily

  • we have the staff that knows beer inside and out

It is not easy to present the best beer in California, but we get it done! The Nook is found within the Lama Dog and they offer a great menu of delicious foods prepared to perfection. We like to think that we are the craft beer bar that also happens to offer amazing wine and food as well.

How We Do It

One of the key tenets of our business is to not to wait for it to happen, when we say happen, we are referring to finding great beer. We get out there and go and find it for you. We are always on a quest to find the next great craft beer and we know we cannot wait until it shows up at our door. Contact us to learn more about the next Beer Education Class, special event or booking for your private event.


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